Origins: Arekshaw
Languages: Leduo and Common
Life Expectancy: 200 years
Religion: The Fair Handed God, Telrus
Status: Alive

A race of desert people from the planet Akreshaw in Deep Space. They were once the neightbours of the Meheri until the Meheri left for the Damnation Realm, leaving the Raxacoricans as their sole neighbours.

Their midnight black skin is a result of the extreme heat on the planet. Even Desert boots melt on the hot sand. To that end the Leduo have broad, hard soled feet (not too unlike those of an Earth camel) to enable them to walk across the sands.

Their religious zeal is almost unmatched and they will actively hunt any they deem "agents of evil" whether they actually are or not. They have calmed that down in recent years under the reign of Jadanka Sulvarin during which, their planet was made uninhabitable by someone turning their own thermonuclear weapons against them.

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